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Custom Reservation Software & Solutions


If you have a unique reservation situation and have been looking for a generic solution and don’t seem able to find one, a custom solution could be your answer. The days of long turn around times and expensive programs that are difficult to maintain are over. With millions of lines of code and thousands of routines in our libraries, we reuse tested and proven code, which reduces overall project cost and maintenance, errors, bugs and time to go live.

An Internet based project that would have taken months or even years to complete in the past goes from inception to completion in a few weeks at a lower cost.

We take the headache out of maintaining a system. Since the system resides on our servers, no expensive hardware, software or IT staff is required. We maintain the system, including updates, security, backups and the hardware. We fully support the latest SSL encryption technology and can process secure credit cards transactions with nightly direct deposits into your account.

Chelsea has developed a wide range of reservation applications over the years and all with the same goal: Increase customer efficiency and satisfaction without increasing the staff workload or associated cost.

We understand not all industries operate like a golf course or a tennis facility, which is why we create custom reservation system to meet your needs. We modify our core modules and with our years of experience in the reservation business, you get a system that meets your needs and requirements.

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