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Event Reservation Solutions & Software


The Hosted Event Reservation System is designed for small to medium size organizations that hold monthly meetings or annual events that require reservations.  The integrated credit card system not only lets you accept pre-paid reservations you can also sell raffle tickets, 50-50 and money tree tickets online (if allowed by law).

The system maintains an online rooster of all your members with contact, work and membership information. Member information including email address can be made private. The email function lets the system administrator send emails relating to upcoming events to all or individual members. Each member/guest will automatically receive an email confirmation for each reservation.

The extensive built in reports include a Hostess Report, designed to rapidly check in members and guests with raffle purchase and meal choice information. The Meal Report is ideal for the kitchen and wait staff during the preparation process.

The Daily Credit Card report shows the reservations and amount by date for quick and easy credit card statement reconciliation. The daily sweep from the credit card processor to your bank account ensures your funds are always available.

The event setup functions lets you easily setup events with early bird and standard pricing for members and guest by date and time range. In addition, each event can have up to 4 meal choices with an optional up-charge by meal choice.

At the door

The built in walk in function lets you track each member/guest without a reservation and process the credit card at the door. Using a laptop computer  or tablet with internet access, you simply enter the member/guest information, add on raffle ticket sales, swipe the credit card and the system automatically sends the member/guest an email receipt.

Members and guests with a reservation can be checked in, automatically updating attendance records and  tracking no shows.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

No hardware investment. Our cloud based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class datacenter with MPLS backbone delivering internet and layer 2 communications, real time off site data backups, battery and electric generator service ensuring the most reliable  and secure service. Our SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to ensure your data and credit card transactions are secure.

The Hosted Event Reservation System is affordable for the smallest group or organization. No long term commitment, we setup and maintain the system for the exact length of time you need it. The site is configured with your organization’s colors, logos and art work with no ugly ads on the side or along the top.

Have Questions?

Have additional questions (FAQ Page) or want an online demo of the system, Contact Us.