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GolfHits Integration


Chelsea has partnered with Golfhits to provide clubs with the industry’s first and only Handicap Committee specific tools to record, track, report and manage players golf handicap score postings using a cloud based application. Golfhits provide clubs with the ability to dynamically generate a variety of reports and manage player notices following the USGA Handicap Guidelines.


How it Works

On a daily basis, the Golfhits system automatically retrieves the club’s Chelsea member play history and  the USGA GHIN’s Handicapping score postings. Golfhits then compares those golfers that played with those that posted a score to the USGA GHIN system. Detailed reporting identifies those golfers that played and failed to post a score. The Handicap Committee can simply click the mouse button to send USGA recommended infraction notices to each golfer.


The Golf Handicap Committee no longer has to spend endless hours comparing tee sheets to handicap posting reports, the automatic infraction notices and custom reporting makes the thankless handicapping committee job as simple as clicking a mouse.

Want more Information

For more information contact Joe Stein with the FSGA at 941-270-4021 or jstein@FSGA.org