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Times are changing in the golf industry and Chelsea has seen and adjusted to a lot of changes over our 25+ years. Today, golfers are looking for instant access to the tee sheet via the Internet and smartphone devices. Golf course owners and managers are looking for ways to control cost and payroll. Chelsea’s Tee Time Reservation system answers both of these questions with the most robust, real time cloud based system available while maintaining the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. No financial surprises. A fixed monthly cost gives you the ability to budget your expenses without impacting your revenue the way bartering tee times can.

The Golf Reservation System provides the golfer and the pro shop staff with 24x7x365 access with intuitive and easy to navigate Internet and mobile screens with functions like player dashboards, buddy lists, recurring request functions, event signup, email and optional text messaging confirmations and real time tee sheets and alpha listings via digital signs.

No hardware investment. Our cloud based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class datacenter with MPLS backbone delivering Internet and layer 2 communications, real time off site data backups, battery and electric generator service ensuring the most reliable  and secure service. Optional SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to ensure your data is secure.

Legacy IVR (Touch Tone) phone system access is still maintained for those golf courses that require this service. However the service has been updated to operate with a VOIP (Voice over IP) service. No expensive land lines or additional hardware is required to provide the golfer with touch tone access.

First Come/First Served Format 

The traditional method of making a golf reservation is on a first come/first served (FCFS) basis. FCFS is an ideal method for public and municipal golf courses, providing access to both members (residents) and the general public.  Our double locking technology prevents the golfer from double booking a tee time or leaving unused open tee times, while accepting multiple reservations with confidence that every transaction is going to go through correctly every time.

Golfers can be restricted to tee times based on the membership type, season flag, course, tee time and day of the week. The system prohibits golfers from accessing the system prior to the authorized booking time. The general public golfer can see all available tee times along with the per person green and cart fees, prior to creating an online profile and reserving the tee time. Our integrated credit card functions can require the golfer to enter a valid credit card or pre-pay for the tee time during the reservation process.

Lottery Format

What do you do when you have too many golfers and not enough tee times or the same group of golfers get the same tee times every day and your membership is getting upset? The Lottery format can be the answer. The system fairly and equitably distributes available tee times based on 4 major and 32 minor placement algorithms.

The lottery system lets golfers request a tee time as an individual foursome or as a linked group (up to 25 foursomes/fivesomes). During the automatic placement process the system assigns available tee times based on the club’s rules and system algorithms, while membership and guest rules are enforced. Linked groups are placed in consecutive tee times, reducing edits and cancellations.

Golfers receive tee time confirmation information via email and the optional text messaging service, notifying each golfer of the assigned tee time, course, hole and position. Additional pro shop information can be added to the confirmation email.

Third Party Booking Engines

Utilizing our standard third party booking API, all of the major third party booking engines and website providers can access the tee sheet in real time to make and cancel tee time reservations.

Looking For More Than A “Canned” Solution 

If you have special needs and requirements, as the developer of the Golf Reservation System, our full time U.S. based programmers can customize the system to meet your unique needs.  Written in a modular structure format, we only modify the code required reusing proven code. What this mean to you is faster turnaround, lower programming cost and fewer programming errors.

Have Questions?

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