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Pickleball Reservation Software & System


The rapid growth of Pickleball over the last few years have driven pickleball clubs to demand a reservation system similar to tennis. However, unlike tennis, most pickleball facilities are run and managed by the club members. Since there is no formal professional pickleball players, most facilities have no pro shop, staff or budget. The only system specifically designed for Pickleball, ease of use and hands off administration, our Pickleball Reservation System is ideal for facilities of all sizes.

Our cloud based Pickleball Reservation system is designed to run automatically with a minimal amount of system administration. The days of the signup sheet are over, players can go online with their PC, smartphone or tablet and make/edit or cancel a court reservation. Each transaction is confirmed with an email or optional text message. Detailed reports show daily court reservations, player history and court utilization.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

Residing on our servers in an enterprise-class datacenter with MPLS backbone delivering internet and layer 2 communications, real time off site data backups, battery and electric generator service ensuring the most reliable and secure service with no hardware investment or setup fee and a simple low monthly cost, our Pickleball Reservation System has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. With 99.99% up time and no ugly advertisements on the page, no “Free” web site can offer the level of service and reliability along with 24/7/365 telephone support that is standard with our Pickleball Reservation System.

Sharing Courts with Tennis

Our Pickleball Reservation System can convert a single tennis court into two pickleball courts when integrated with the tennis reservation system. The club has the option of configuring the system for fixed pickleball and tennis court times, or the system can automatically allocate courts (Pickleball or Tennis) on the fly based on the reservation type. Tennis courts can be restricted from Pickleball usage based on court (Stadium or Clay) type.

Configured Your Way

Each club has many unique needs and requirements; each Pickleball Reservation System is configured to address these unique needs and requirements. A simple configuration questionnaire based on the system’s internal configuration flag system lets us setup and configure your Pickleball Reservation System to meet your needs and requirements.

The system can be configured to require one name or all player names to reserve a court. Guest play can be restricted by time and can require the guest’s name. The system can be configured as a standard first come/first served system or utilized the lottery functions to control heavy prime time play.

Substitute Players

Pickleball is easier than tennis on older players, however not all Pickleball players can play a double set for a full hour and a half anymore. The system lets the Pickleball player signup with up to 4 substitute players. The club controls the actual number of substitute players permitted. The system automatically tracks player history, historical court sheets and play counts for the substitute player. Substitute players receive email confirmation, play points and access to all the review function like a standard tennis player.

Have Questions?

Have additional questions (FAQ Page) or want an online demo of the system, Contact Us.