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Point of Sale and Inventory System


The Point of Sale (POS) system was designed and built around the premise that the system must be fast, easy to use and meet the needs of the golf and tennis industries. We knew a modified restaurant system or a straight retail system would never work in a golf or tennis pro shop. The golf and tennis industries have unique requirements such as integrated tee/court sheets, credit book functions, advanced deposits and rain checks.

Our cloud based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class datacenter with MPLS backbone delivering Internet and layer 2 communications, real time off site data backups, battery and electric generator service ensuring the most reliable and secure service.  Our SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to ensure your data is secure.

The Point of Sale system easily pays for itself by reducing green fee and tennis court rate errors, better inventory management and detailed tracking of credit books, rain checks, advanced deposits and gift certificates.

Charge the correct FeesPOS PDF

As green and court fees change during the day, the pro shop staff has the tendency to charge the lower discounted rate before it is available. The pro shop staff no longer decides what to charge, the system automatically calculates the correct golf/court fees based on the membership type, course/facility, tee/court time, day of the week and course or tennis facility. The integrated tee/court sheet lets the staff check the player in, ensuring all checked in players have paid. The integrated photo system displays the image of the person checking in, ensuring the correct person is checking in to play.

The system will automatically calculate the correct cart fee based on the day of the week, course, tee time and number of holes. The cart release form which automatically prints with each rental can require both riders’ signatures.

Green fee, cart fee and court fee are easily maintained and updated with a special pricing grid by membership type and date range. Pricing can be change by a dollar amount or percentage.

Revenue Classification

The built in Revenue Classification function automatically separates revenue into multiple reporting classifications for the City, Management Company and Pro Shop Owner. Ideal solution for when the Pro owns the shop and the course/courts are owned by the city.

Rain Checks

The system automatically calculates the rain check amount based on the green fee paid and the number of holes played. Since each rain check is tied to the original transaction you can be assured duplicated or inflated rain checks are not given out. Rain checks are issued for a dollar amount (not the number of holes), because a 9 hole weekday afternoon rain check is worth a lot less than a  weekend morning 9 hole rain check. Rain checks can be configured to expire X number of days from the issue date or at the end of the season.

Credit Books

The credit book function lets the pro shop staff enter the tournament winnings for each golfer. The credit book winnings can be applied towards the purchase of pro shop merchandise. Detail credit book reporting show all the winnings and purchases by golfer. Credit book winnings can be set to expire at the end of the season.


The built in real time inventory system tracks inventory from receiving to sale. The system automatically tracks in real time the on hand quantity and value (moving average, standard cost and most recent cost) by category, sub category and item. Minimum re-order levels let you know what items need to be re-ordered, the minimum quantity and the last purchase price.

Item pricing can be configured based on in or out of season and special member pricing. “On Sale” pricing is configured with a start and stop date. The system is designed to always calculate the lowest sale price.

By utilizing the item’s bar code, merchandise sales are accurately tracked, inventory reduced and the correct price is automatically charged to the customer. The system can print bar code labels on a standard laser printer using standard labels for items that don’t have a bar code.

Sales tax

Each item can be configured as taxable or nontaxable. The system maintains up to 4 separate tax tables for each item, ensuring the correct collection and reporting of sales tax.

Have Questions?

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