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In the Cloud

Software and hardware has always been a large out of pocket expense. Ongoing maintenance, specialized computer systems, security issues, failed nightly backups or systems always in the need of an upgrade, forced companies to hire staff or outside consultants to maintain the system. The solution is our hosted reservation systems on Chelsea’s servers. You only need a computer with high speed internet access (since you’re reading this page, you have everything you need to run the system), tablet or smartphone to operate the system.

We do the heavy lifting. Chelsea’s Cloud solution is a hosted service, where we are responsible for the servers, firewalls, security, software updates and data backups. Our reservation systems are always current with the most recent version updates, supporting the most current browser versions.

We take our responsibility seriously. We only use HP servers with real time off site backups, state of the art firewalls located in a secure data center directly connected to the Internet’s backbone, providing the fastest possible internet response. Chelsea’s servers are secured with the latest in SSL encryption, giving everyone the peace of mind that private sensitive data is encrypted during online transactions and the data is secure.

Our integrated IVR (touch tone) telephone system has also moved to the cloud. Utilizing the latest in VOIP technology, land lines and specialized computer hardware is no longer required for those golf and tennis facilities wishing to offer IVR access. Touch Tone Telephone access is provided via a local telephone number, each call is routed over the internet to our servers, providing clear verbal instructions.

Why in the Cloud?

Data Anywhere – Access your data from anywhere, anytime from any PC, tablet or smartphone with internet access.  You are no longer tied down to your desk with a programming running on your machine.

Security – Data is protected by state of the art firewalls, data encryption and real time backups monitored by IT professionals.

Cost – The cost to build and maintain all the hardware and software necessary are included in the monthly hosting fees, spreading the cost among many clients.

Integration – Web services provide 3rd party companies access. Providing online booking engines, single log on functions, credit card transactions, golf handicap and tournament integration.