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Tennis professionals realize the many advantages of Chelsea’s Tennis Reservation System. No longer tied to the telephone taking reservations, the tennis pro is freed to manage the courts, give lessons or run clinics. In our instant gratification culture, everyone wants an answer now, not to be put on hold, wait for an email response or a call back. Many clubs don’t have a full time pro or staff, and members are required sign up on the tennis schedule posted on the wall

The Tennis Reservation System provides the tennis player and the pro shop staff with 24x7x365 access with intuitive and easy to navigate internet and mobile screens with functions like player dashboards, buddy list, recurring request functions, event signup, email and optional text messaging confirmations and real time court schedules via digital signs.

Our cloud based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class datacenter with MPLS backbone delivering internet and layer 2 communications, real time off site data backups, battery and electric generator service ensuring the most reliable  and secure service. With no hardware investment or contracts (cancel at any time), our Tennis Reservation System has the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

First Come/First Served Format

The traditional method of making a tennis reservation is on a first come/first served (FCFS) basis. FCFS is an ideal method for facilities that usually have courts available in prime time and only require one person’s name to reserve a court.  Sophisticated built-in locking mechanisms prevents a double court booking or a player having multiple court reservations on the same day.

Tennis players can be restricted to courts and times based on the membership type, facility, season, court time and day of the week. The system prohibits tennis players from accessing the system prior to the authorized time. Public tennis facilities can control general public access by only displaying available courts and requiring a credit card (optional) to hold or pre-pay a court.

Lottery Format

Many tennis clubs have too many tennis players and not enough courts in prime time. The lottery function fairly and equitably distributes available courts based on a series of sophisticated algorithms specifically designed for tennis.  Prime time and early evening is the time a few extra courts would be nice, but that’s not possible. The tennis reservation’s lottery function ensures every player and every team has a chance to play by assigning courts based on past play history or on a random basis (the actual algorithms are more complex).

The built in Email and optional text messaging system ensures each player is notified of the assigned court and time and any changes (edit or cancellations) made after the lottery placement.

Controlling the Court Sheet

As a tennis professional you know the importance of having complete control over your court reservation sheets. Our Master Court Configuration function automatically blocks courts for Pro Lessons, Round Robin Events, tennis tournaments and scheduled maintenance. Each court and time can be restricted to single, double, single/double or ball machine play. The system will automatically enforce all club rules by membership type and block duplicate (stuffing) court times. Tracking each player on the court reservation sheet provides detail court utilization reporting by player, court and date range.

System Management 

If you don’t have the staff or volunteer members run your tennis club, Chelsea can manage the system for you. The system management fee of $25.00 per month includes member maintenance,  court configurations, event management and historical reporting.

Availability Pairing 

The Availability Pairing option lets the tennis player sign up for play by selecting the days that they are available for play from a calendar. The system then creates teams based on the player’s NTRP, the number of times a player has been a captain and the number of times a player has been an orphan (paired to a team with less than 4 players). Priority is given to those players with the highest orphan count, helping ensure being placed in a team.

Substitute Players

Not all tennis players can play a double set for a full hour and a half anymore. The system lets the tennis player signup with up to 4 substitute players. The club controls the actual number of substitute players permitted. The system automatically tracks player history, historical court sheets and play counts for the substitute player. Substitute players receive email confirmation, play points and access to all the review function like a standard tennis player.

Have Questions?

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