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Digital Signage Solutions

Advancing from the analog to the digital world, we have moved golf tee sheets and tennis court sheets from the printed page to monitors. Clubs can now display these sheets on large hi-res monitors throughout their properties.

The displayed content will change according to real-time information in the system. Digital signage is a unique method of informing and engaging customers/members in a timely and green manner. Fully integrated with any of our reservation systems, data is automatically synced and displayed without staff involvement.

The signs are flexible in styles and let clubs display tee/court  times by date, course/facility, and last name. The customer/member can check the tee/court sheet to see what times are available, who is playing in front of them or verify their assigned times without referring to staff.

Web Content Display

Charge the correct Fees Custom Content

  • Clubs can display related content
    • Announcements for upcoming events
    • Tournaments
    • Staff biographies
    • The day?s dinner menu
  • The system can automatically display scheduled custom content
    • Frees up staff time
  • Screens provide elegant advertising
  • Clubs are able to create and manage their own content
  • Day Parting - display different messages depending on the time of day
    • The breakfast menu in the morning
    • Lunch specials in the afternoon
    • Bar specials all day
    • Exercise class schedule
    • Trainer biographies
    • Upcoming tournaments/results

Drive TrafficDrive Traffic

  • Clubs can drive additional traffic to the screens, for a small monthly fee, by
    • Adding news
    • Sports feeds
    • Local weather forecasts
  • Option to add stock market or sports information tickers to bottom of the screen

If you have additional questions, or want an online demonstration of the system, please visit our FAQ Page or Contact Us.