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Tennis Reservation Software & System Overview

Previously, tennis pros would have to resort to analog measures to take reservations: phone calls, paper signup sheets, etc. The players would have delayed responses to confirm their reservations. Now, with Chelsea’s Tennis Reservation System, the pros and players can make/manage real-time reservations. This frees up time for pros to manage courts, give lessons, and run clinics.

The Tennis Reservation System provides players and pros with 24/7, year-round, access via internet and mobile devices. All screens are intuitive and easy to navigate with functions such as, player dashboards, buddy lists, recurring request functions, even signup, email and text confirmations, real-time tee sheet via digital signs.

There is no hardware investment necessary. This cloud-based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class data center. Using MPLS backbone delivering internet and layer 2 communications, real-time off-site data backups, battery and electric generator service we can ensure a most reliable and secure service. An optional SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to guarantee the safety of all client data.

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Charge the correct Fees Main Features

  • Variable & fixed court times
    • 30 min - 2 hrs
  • Prepaid court fees with integrated credit card functionality

Lottery Format Lottery

  • Useful when the number of players exceed the number of available court times
  • Enforce impartiality and fairness with 4 major & 32 minor algorithms
  • Placement can also take into consideration
    • Past play history
    • Club rules
  • Send automatic email and/or text notification when player is chosen

First Come First Served Format First Come/First Served

  • This is the traditional method of taking reservations
  • Access is available to members and the general public
  • Double Locking Technology
    • Process multiple reservations/transactions without double booking
  • Restrict player access to the system by:
    • Authorized time
    • Membership type
    • Facility
    • Season
    • Court time
    • Day of the week
  • Control access to the general public by
    • Only displaying specific courts
    • Requiring credit cards to hold/prepay for a court time

Controlling the Court Sheet Controlling the Court Sheet

  • Tennis Pros can have absolute control of the Court Sheet
  • The Master Court Configuration can automatically block courts for
    • Pro Lessons
    • Round-Robin Events
    • Tournaments
    • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Enforce Club Rules
    • Restrict courts by member type
    • Stop duplicate (stuffing) court times
  • Staff can pull detailed reports by
    • Player
    • Court
    • Date Range

System Management System Management

  • For clubs that do not have the staff or volunteers to run it, Chelsea can manage the system for a fee
  • Includes
    • Member maintenance
    • Court configurations
    • Event management
    • Historical reporting

Substitute Players Substitute Players

  • For players that are not able to play a full 90 min
  • Players can sign up with up to 4 substitute players
    • Number is controlled by the club
  • The system tracks each substitute player's
    • Player history
    • Historical court sheets
    • Play counts
  • Substitute players receive
    • Email confirmations
    • Play points
    • Access to all the review functions

Availability Pairing Third-Party Booking Engine API

  • Standard API for booking engines
  • Court Times available by start time & restriction code
  • Variable start/stop times
    • Available up to 30 min before court time
  • Club authorization required
If you have additional questions, or want an online demonstration of the system, please visit our FAQ Page or Contact Us.