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Pickleball Reservations

In recent years, there has been rapid growth in the Pickleball industry. This has given rise to the demand for a Pickleball Reservations system. Our system is ideal for clubs of all sizes: those without pro shops, staff or budget, and managed by club members. This system is designed for Pickleball, ease of use, and hands-off administration.

There is no hardware investment necessary. This cloud-based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class data center. Using MPLS backbone delivering internet and layer 2 communications, real-time off-site data backups, battery and electric generator service we can ensure a most reliable and secure service.

Our cloud-based Pickleball Reservation System runs automatically with minimal system administration. Players can access the reservation sheet from any device to make/edit/cancel reservations at any time. Reservations are confirmed with email and/or text. Users can pull detailed reports showing daily court reservations, player history, and court utilization.

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Main Features

  • Variable & fixed court times
    • 30 min - 2 hrs
  • Prepaid court fees with integrated credit card functionality

Lottery Lottery

  • Useful when the number of parking requests exceed the number of available spots
  • Enforce impartiality and fairness with 4 major & 32 minor algorithms
  • Placement can also take into consideration
    • Customer history
    • Lot rules
  • Send automatic email and/or text notification when customer is chosen

Sharing Courts with Tennis Sharing Courts with Tennis

  • Combine with our Tennis Reservation System
  • Allows conversion of a Tennis Court into 2 Pickleball courts
  • The system can specify court times for Pickleball and Tennis/Bocce
  • Automatically allocate courts for Pickleball/Tennis/Bocce based on reservation type
  • Tennis courts can be excluded for Pickleball based on court type
    • Stadium/Clay

Substitute Players Substitute Players

  • For players that are not able to play a full 90 min
  • Players can sign up with up to 4 substitute players
    • Number is controlled by the club
  • The system tracks each substitute player's
    • Player history
    • Historical court sheets
    • Play counts
  • Substitute players receive
    • Email confirmations
    • Play points
    • Access to all the review functions

Third-Party Booking Engine API

  • Standard API for booking engines
  • Court Times available by start time & restriction code
  • Variable start/stop times
    • Available up to 30 min before court time
  • Club authorization required
If you have additional questions, or want an online demonstration of the system, please visit our FAQ Page or Contact Us.