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Point of Sale & Inventory System

Our Point of Sale (POS) system is a fast and user-friendly system designed to meet the needs of the Golf and Tennis industries. It is NOT a modified restaurant or retail system. We know that pro shops have unique requirements such as integrated tee/court sheets, credit books functionality, advanced deposits and rain checks. We made sure that our system address all of these needs and more.

There is no hardware investment necessary. This cloud-based system resides on our servers in an enterprise-class data center. Using MPLS backbone delivering internet and layer 2 communications, real-time off-site data backups, battery and electric generator service we can ensure a most reliable and secure service. An optional SSL certificate provides an extra layer of security to guarantee the safety of all client data.

This POS System helps to reduce green fees and tennis court rate errors, better inventory management and detailed tracking of credit books, rain checks, and advanced deposits and gift certificates.

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Charge the correct Fees Charge the Correct Fees

  • System will automatically charge the correct green/court fees according to
    • Time of the day
    • Membership type
    • Course/facility
    • Tee/court times
    • Number of holes
    • Day of the week
  • Checking in golfers/players
    • Staff is notified if they have already paid
    • Option to photograph person checking in
      • Compare to photo on file to confirm the correct person is checking in
  • Cart release form prints automatically
    • Can require both riders’ signature
  • Maintain/update all fees and prices easily
    • By membership type and date
    • Using special pricing grid
    • Pricing can be set by dollar amount or percentage
    • Apply to new memberships, as well as renewals

Revenue Classification Revenue Classification & Receivables

  • Separates revenue into multiple reporting classifications for
    • City
    • Management
    • Pro Shop Owner
  • Receive payment via
    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Card
    • Gift Certificates
      • Purchase in the Pro Shop or Online
      • Can be Paper or online (sent via email, with personalized message)

Rain Checks Rain Checks

  • Calculated based on
    • Green fee paid
    • Number of holes paid
  • Each rain check is tied to the original transaction
    • Ensures no duplicated or inflated rain checks
  • Issued by dollar amount not No. of holes
    • 9 holes cost varies from weekday to weekend
  • Configurable Expiration date
    • No. of days
    • End of season

Credit Books Credit Books

  • Pro shop staff can enter tournament winnings by golfer
  • Detailed Credit Book Report
    • Shows all winnings and purchases by golfer
  • Winnings can be set to expire at the end of the season

Inventory Inventory

  • Track inventory from receiving to sales in real time
    • On-hand quantity
    • Value - moving average, standard cost and most recent cost
    • By category, subcategory, and item
  • Minimum Reorder Level - lets staff know
    • When items need to be reordered
    • The minimum quantity to reorder
    • The last purchase price
  • Pricing can be set by
    • In/out of season
    • Special member pricing
    • On Sale - with start and stop dates
      • Set by dollar amount, percentage, or sales percentage
    • Enforce Coupon discounts
  • Item barcodes are used to
    • Track merchandise sales
    • Reduction of inventory
    • Automatically charge thee correct price
  • If an item does not have a barcode, one can be printed by the system

Sales tax Sales tax

  • Configure each item as non/taxable
  • Maintain up to 4 separate tax tables for each item
    • Ensures the correct collection & reporting of sales tax
  • Also includes and overall Tax Exempt function

If you have additional questions, or want an online demonstration of the system, please visit our FAQ Page or Contact Us.