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Frequently Asked Questions

Telephone support for the club is available 24/7/365. Our telephone system automatically transfers the call to our after-hours support team for calls outside our normal business hours. All support is handled by Chelsea staff and not out sourced to a foreign call center. Golfers and club members can utilized our email support system for those issues the club can not answered. All support emails are answered the next business day.

Prior to going live, the golf staff receives remote training via the internet in the operation of the system. Onsite training is available, however the club would be responsible for all travel expenses. Documentation is provided, which the club can customize to assist the golfer or club member with the basic operation of the system.

Yes. All the popular third party bookings engines can book directly into the Chelsea tee sheet. The interface controls which tee times are available, the number of days in advance 3rd party bookings are permitted and when to stop accepting 3rd party bookings.

Yes. The system can charge a golfer for green and cart fees during the reservation process.

Yes. Each tee time can be configured to permit guest or not. The system also have the ability to limit guest play by member.

The built in frost delay function lets the golf pro move all tee times for a given day back an X number of minutes or convert the tee sheet into a shotgun format with a few clicks. The system automatically emails all the golfers the new tee time delayed tee time.

Yes. The system?s event functions are very powerful. Each event can be configured based on the associated league membership, meal (with menu choices) and tee color selection. The event sign up list can be exported to major tournament management systems for pairing and flighting.

Yes. The system supports linking up to 20 teams.

Each member or golfer is assigned to a membership type. Each membership type has a detail set of tee time rules that include access to the tee sheet, round play limits, related guest restrictions, course restrictions and ranking order during the lottery assignment.

Any computer with internet access can access the system.

Yes. We still support touch tone telephone access. Utilizing the latest in VOIP technology, the club isn?t required to install any land lines or hardware. The golfer will call a virtual local telephone number located in the cloud, providing touch tone telephone access to our IVR servers.

Yes. After the lottery, the system can accept reservations for available tee times on a first come/ first served basis or you can use the lottery on weekends and holidays only. Weekday tee times would be reserved on a first com/first served basis.

A First Come/First Served system is a more traditional golf reservation system. Before computers and the Internet, the golfer would call the pro shop. The first call was the first served and received the time they wanted. The same principle applies now, the first golfer to log on receives the time they want. Our advanced locking technology permits multiple golfers access to the system at the same time without offering the same time, double booking a time with no system degradation.