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Our Lottery system is pioneering technology.

Created in 1987, it has yet to be outdone by others in the industry


ALL tee time systems feature booking periods or a specific number of days in advance members can book tee times and court times. What only a few can do is add a request period (also known as a lottery period) in front of the booking period.

The significance of having both a request AND a booking period is that it ELIMINATES forcing your members into the daily battle for the best tee times and court times over the phone or online.

What distinguishes Chelsea as the club industry’s BEST are 4 major and 32 minor algorithms perfected over a 35-year period – providing ideal fairness every time the lottery runs.

We are by far the industry experts at:

  • FIRST asking the right questions about your club’s specific definition of fairness when allocating tee times and court times.
  • THEN tailoring how the lottery runs with dozens of different weighting options using lottery points as well as a concept called ranking. Other companies only offer random or simple lotteries weighted a couple of different ways (at best) using just points.

Don’t punish your members by forcing them into the battle for tee times & court times for another season. Hire TEAM CHELSEA to build for your club the perfect and ultimate solution for fairness in reservations --- you’ll be amazed at the results!